At Protego Trust Bank, we have a fundamental belief that the institutional adoption of digital assets is dependent upon their integration into a secure and regulated ecosystem.

Institutional investors navigating the unique complexities of this emerging asset class will seek a trusted partner that shares their values, processes and desired outcomes. They will need Protego.

Protego Trust is a chartered trust bank, with a unique depth and breadth of powers to provide a full spectrum of digital asset services to institutional investors.

We are building the first compliant digital asset bank from the ground up. As a digital-native, regulated entity, Protego Trust operates at the forefront of technological and financial innovation.

Our Platform

The Protego Trust platform is interoperable with legacy financial systems while also leveraging modern technology and blockchain domain expertise required to manage the unique challenges of digital assets. With Protego, clients can securely custody, trade, lend and issue digital assets including cryptocurrency. We work to ensure clients can use their assets to participate on-chain in governance and staking, shaping the future of their assets.

Our Platform
Clarity and Compliance at the Forefront

Clarity and Compliance
at the Forefront

Regulatory compliance and legal clarity are at the core of everything we do. Originally chartered by the State of Washington, Protego Trust Bank received conditional approval from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in February 2021, but has not converted to a national bank. With Protego, institutions can minimize risk without limiting upside on a safe, secure, and compliant platform.

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