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Our clients span all areas of institutional investing and blockchain innovation.

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Institutional Clients Only

Crypto Natives

We provide exchanges, protocols, market makers, hedge funds, miners, validators, and pools with the tools they need to be successful.

Protocol Foundations, Exchanges, Miners, and Mining Pools
Funds, Family Offices, and Institutional Investors

Corporations, Asset Allocators, and
Family Offices

Traditional investors, including funds of all types, family offices, and other institutional investors, find that Protego can help them solve problems they face when it comes to cryptocurrency and digital assets.


Regulated Financial Institutions

Traditional banks, brokers, RIAs, and registered funds may find it difficult to integrate digital assets into their legacy ecosystem. Financial institutions and investors are increasingly seeking out alliances with Protego for a variety of reasons.

Banks and Corporations

General Services Include:                                      

  • One secure regulated ecosystem for custody, trading, lending, and issuer services.
  • On-chain participation with assets under custody, including staking, on-chain voting, and governance.
  • Access to institutional clients and trading partners via Protego’s crossing network.
  • End-of-day net settlement for trades to reduce on-chain network fees.
  • Opportunities for return outperformance with lending and staking services.

White Glove Services Include:                                      

  • Dedicated 24/7 client services support team.
  • Onboarding team to ensure painless and smooth introduction to Protego.
  • Execution Services Desk for effective and efficient trading.
  • Dedicated, project-specific digital asset issuance teams. 
  • Technical support team to handle any issues and integrations.

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